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High-End Zn/Al Composite Coating Geopert

Coefficient of Friction Modifier

TORCA aqueous coating is coefficient friction control liquid.

This product is a low viscosity can be coated fasteners in any kind of shape In addition, the odor is not at all pleasant working environment.

This is a one-compound water-based product without odor.

It is applied for scratch prevention, bi-metallic contact corrosion protection, increased adhesion property, and increased corrosion resistance.

    Product Model Appearance / Curing Temperature Coefficient of friction(μ) Torque coefficient(k)
    TORCA A Transparent
    170℃ × 20min
    0.08 ~ 0.14 0.12 ~ 0.19
    TORCA B Transparent
    170℃ × 20min
    0.10 ~ 0.15 0.15 ~ 0.21
    TORCA C Transparent
    170℃ × 20min
    0.12 ~ 0.18 0.17 ~ 0.24

Properties :

  • Appearance : Milky Liquid
  • Odor : Odorless
  • Viscosity (Zahn Cup # 2): 18 sec↑
  • pH: 8.0 – 10.0
  • SG: 1.040 - 1.080

Work Condition :

  • How to apply: Dipping / Spray
  • Drying temperature: 120 - 150 × 20 minutes (you will find the right temperature in advance through °C testing)
  • Coating number: 1Coating × 1Backing( Will be enough to shake off the water )
  • Thickness: 1.0 μm

Product Benefits :

  • This can achieve a desired coefficient of friction.
  • Since the one-component product without the need for a separate additive.
  • Mercury products arbitrarily fire danger has no odor, of course, the easy-to- manage solution.
  • ISince the coating is colorless and transparent, not plated original color.
  • job 1Coating x 1Backing, film thickness about 1.0 μm because the job simpler consumes very little liquid.

Applications :


Unleash Performance with Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals for Coefficient of Friction Modification by Zincotec Co., Ltd - Torca
Description :

Explore the advanced Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals for coefficient of friction modification, offered by Zincotec Co., Ltd - Torca. Learn about the innovative formulation, benefits, and why our coatings redefine performance enhancement.

Introduction :

In the realm of performance enhancement, Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals have emerged as a driving force in optimizing the coefficient of friction. Leading this innovative approach is Zincotec Co., Ltd - Torca, a renowned provider of cutting-edge coating solutions. This article unveils the exceptional Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals by Zincotec Co., Ltd - Torca, revealing their formulation, advantages, and why they stand as a game-changer for industries seeking superior coefficient of friction modification.

Innovative Formula of Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals :

At the core of Zincotec Co., Ltd - Torca's success lies their groundbreaking formulation for Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals. This carefully engineered blend harnesses the unique properties of zinc (Zn) and aluminium (Al) flakes, creating a dynamic coating that enhances the coefficient of friction. When applied, these coatings create a tailored surface that optimizes performance, making them an ideal choice for industries where friction modification is critical.

Benefits of Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals for Coefficient of Friction Modification :

  • Optimized Performance :
  • Zincotec Co., Ltd - Torca's Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals excel in modifying the coefficient of friction, enhancing the performance of components and systems where controlled friction is essential.

  • Enhanced Efficiency :
  • The advanced formula of these coatings minimizes friction-related inefficiencies, leading to improved energy consumption and operational effectiveness.

  • Tailored Solutions :
  • Whether you require precise friction modification for intricate parts or larger structures, Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals can be customized to meet your specific performance needs.

  • Exceptional Durability :
  • The unique chemistry of these coatings ensures robust adhesion to metal surfaces, resulting in coatings that withstand wear and maintain their friction-modifying properties over time.

  • Cost-Effective Enhancement :
  • Investing in Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals proves to be a cost-effective strategy, as the optimized performance and reduced friction-related wear lead to extended component life and minimized downtime.

Zincotec Co., Ltd - Torca: Your Partner in Performance Enhancement :

As leaders in performance optimization, Zincotec Co., Ltd - Torca is dedicated to delivering coating solutions that redefine operational excellence. With a wealth of expertise and a commitment to innovation, we offer Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals that set new benchmarks in friction modification.

Conclusion :

When it comes to elevating the performance of your components through coefficient of friction modification, Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals by Zincotec Co., Ltd - Torca stand at the forefront. Their unparalleled performance enhancement, tailored solutions, exceptional durability, and cost-effective benefits make them a compelling choice for industries seeking to achieve superior results. Contact us at Cotech Finishers Pvt.Ltd. to explore how Zinc and Aluminium Flake Coating Chemicals can revolutionize your performance enhancement strategies, ensuring your products perform at their peak potential.

Geopert Zinc Flake Coating
Geopert Zinc Flake Coating
Geopert Zinc Flake Coating
Geopert Zinc Flake Coating